Now there is no reason for a nonprofit to go without secure and reliable data backup. npCloud has made on-line, off-site, backup simple and affordable with npVault.

With npVault, you will know your backups are working properly. If there is an issue you will be notified immediately. If you need a file restored, a whole computer, or even a whole server, we can do it for you with a simple phone call or e-mail.

And during setup, our experts will help you explore which files are most critical to your organization and ensure they are backed up. You can rest easy knowing your data, and all of your hard work, is protected.

With npVault:

  • We’ll make sure the right data is being backed up — if you don’t know, don’t worry. We do.
  • We’ll monitor your backups — if something goes wrong we’ll let you know and fix it.
  • We’ll back up everything — your files, your email, even your mission-critical databases.

Our focus is on protecting you, not making a huge profit. This is a professional, enterprise-class solution at a consumer-solution price.

What We Do

To get started just fill out the form to the right.
We’ll help you do the rest.
  • Step 1: We’ll customize npVault for your organization
  • npCloud will work with you to understand what, where, and how data needs to be backed up. With our extensive nonprofit experience, we know where that data is hiding. We’ll walk you through the process and make sure all of your business critical information gets backed up.
  • Step 2: You’ll verify the details
  • Once we understand your needs, npCloud will send you an easy to understand outline of your organization’s backup needs. Review, sign-off, and we’ll get started.
  • Step 3: We’ll set up npVault & you’ll rest easy
  • Just run the double-click installer on your server (or let us do it for you) and we’ll do all of the configuration through our back-end system. You can finally be confident your data is safe.
  • Step 4: Don’t Panic, Call Us
  • Did one of your users accidentally delete or overwrite a file? Did your server go down and you need files restored to a temporary location? Just give the npHelp hotline a call.

Learn More

To get started just fill out the form to the right.
We’ll help you do the rest.

What We Backup

Unlike other solutions, npVault doesn’t just back up files. We ensure your data is protected and provide you hands-on help during recovery.

Rest easy – your files, email, client and donor databases are safe.

Our Services

You’ll have a number to call and a person to talk to.

Online vs Local Storage

npVault can back up both online to the cloud and locally to a hard drive on your network to save you money.

Backing up to local device on your network is free, no matter how much space you use. We only suggest that for less important files (see the “Technical Details” tab for more information). Your really important data can still stay in the cloud.

  • Starting At $34.99 per month

Technical Details

To get started just fill out the form to the right.
We’ll help you through the rest.

Backup Types

npVault can back up the following types of data from computers on which it is installed (it cannot back up files remotely):

  • Files
  • Exchange Information Stores
  • Microsoft SQL databases
  • Individual Exchange Mailboxes*
  • Microsoft Windows System State**

File Size Estimates & Retention Policies

As with all online backup solutions, npVault compresses backups before moving them offline and only copies changes rather than the whole file. Because we let you go back in time, to a point days or weeks in the past, you will use more backup space than you are using storage space on your servers.

For details about estimating file size and our retention policies, please view this document.

Local Backups

To save your organization money and decrease the time to restore files in case of a disaster, npVault can back up to a local device on your network. npCloud will monitor and maintain your local backups the same way we do your cloud backups. To take advantage of this service we require that you use a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, also known as a network hard drive. These devices have redundant hard drives that will protect your data in the event of hardware failure. They also can be located in a different room than your server, limiting the risk due to flood and other danger.

If you want us to manage the device for you we require that you purchase one of several different models (at the moment we are providing Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 and px4-300d devices), starting at about $400. You will purchase these devices directly from the manufacturer. We can also use your existing NAS but npCloud will not be able to configure or monitor it for you.

Environment Requirements

To use npVault you will need a broadband internet connection. Most Comcast, Verizon FIOS, or bundled T1 connections should be sufficient. Organizations with single T1s or DSL connections may experience difficulties when attempting to back up Microsoft Exchange Information Stores.

To use npVault you will also need enough hard drive space on your server to hold backups temporarily until they are pushed offsite. This can be on an internal drive or on an external USB drive. Your server should have enough free space to comfortably hold a copy of your largest backup selection (usually files or Microsoft Exchange).

* Requires a domain administrator username and password and remote access to the system. May require you to make configuration changes to windows. May require additional work for configuration (for an extra fee). Can only be backed up online (no local backup).
** Requires a non-system drive with sufficient space for the backup (ie not the C:\ drive)

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