We can give you all the tools you need to work from your office, your home, or on the road. Now, that flexibility can extend to your office phone.

npTalk allows you to get rid of that old PBX system and keep your extension ringing no matter where you go. Want to forward your office phone to your mobile phone? No problem. Want to have your voice mail e-mail you your messages? No problem. Want to bring your office phone with you on vacation? No problem. With npTalk you can:

    • Transfer calls to your coworkers as if they were in the office — even if they’re on another continent.
    • Use your office phone anywhere you have an internet connection, either by taking your office phone with you or using a software phone client.
    • Forward your office calls to your cell phone or listen to voice mail over e-mail.
    • Integrate your phone with your database, or contact manager, to help you work more efficiently.
    • Add extensions, edit your auto-attendant, and make any changes you want through our online portal.

Learn More

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    • Step 1: Help us understand your needs
    Installing npTalk is much easier than a traditional phone system, but it still isn’t simple. npCloud knows the questions to ask to develop a solution for your organization. Since we work exclusively with nonprofits, we won’t waste your time with expensive and complicated options.
    • Step 2: You’ll verify the details
    Once we understand your needs, npCloud will send you an easy to understand proposal that outlines your configuration along with hardware and costs for implementation.
    • Step 3: We’ll send you everything you need
    npCloud will configure everything you’ll need in our office and ship it to you for installation. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the installation yourself we can help your IT staff directly. Then we’ll walk you through testing, making sure that the new system matches the proposal we developed earlier.
    • Step 4: We’ll provide training and then migrate your phone numbers
    Once everything is working properly, we’ll provide comprehensive training to all of your staff and then transfer your phone numbers.
    • Step 5: Let us know when something changes
    Do you need a new extension? Having trouble connecting your phone to your home network? Give our 800 number a call and we’ll help you out.


To get started just fill out the form to the right.
We’ll help you through the rest.

Per User Costs

    • Monthly: $21.95/user
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Additional Features

Technical Details

To get started just fill out the form to the right.
We’ll help you through the rest.

How npTalk Works

With npTalk, you will no longer have a phone server (PBX) in your office. Instead, we’ll host your phone lines and phone server in a secure Tier III data center. Your phones, instead of being hard-wired to your PBX, connect directly to your network using ethernet cables. They use the TCP/IP protocol to communicate over a secure, encrypted, connection with our data center. Other devices, like your laptop, can use software to make the same encrypted connections. Your cell phones can even connect to the system using an application or by calling into the data center.

The result is a highly available system that allows you to make and receive calls from the office, your laptop, or your cellphone. You can configure rules to route calls to one or more devices using our portal. You can even transfer calls to your coworkers no matter where they (or you) are.

Required Network Environment

Although npTalk uses the same protocols as your computers, it is important to keep phones in your office on a separate network. This allows us to guarantee accessibility and performance. Running a separate set of cabling for your computers and phones isn’t an option. Instead, we use a technology called Virtual Local Area Networking, or vLAN. This technology allows the phone to identify themselves as needing a separate virtual network while computers will continue to use the original network without any needed configuration changes. For npTalk, you’ll need switches that support this technology. However, you’ll still only need one ethernet port per desk (our phones will plug into the wall and your computer will plug into the phone). If you use a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch your phones won’t even need to be plugged into a power supply to work. You can bring your own networking switch or we can pre-configure and ship one to you.Also on your phone virtual network will be a dedicated router for the phones. Your phones will receive an IP address from this device along with basic configuration information. Because only your phones can connect with this router you’ll never need to open ports or make any configuration changes. Everything on your existing network will work exactly the same. Our router does require a static IP address, so you’ll need to set up our router in parallel with your existing router. We will provide you with a pre-configured router with your phones.

Required Internet Connection

Since all voice traffic passes over the internet, you’ll need a broadband connection. A T1, unless you are only using it for npTalk, will not be sufficient. Your internet needs will depend on the number of users you have, though generally even the slowest cable or fiber-to-the-building connection will be sufficient. Keep in mind that if your internet connection goes down, so will the phones in your office. However, calls will automatically start forwarding to your cellphone and you can still make calls using the our software from the cafe down the street.

Advanced Features

If you have a specific need please let us know. We can accommodate even the most complex organizations.
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