npCloud provides cloud-based technology products and services to nonprofits, charities, and NGO’s.

npCloud is a service of Tech Impact, a nonprofit whose mission is to ensure all nonprofits can use technology to better serve their communities.

What We Do
With npCloud, Tech Impact is ensuring that no nonprofit has to make that compromise between their mission and their technology.

In many nonprofits technology falls behind mission in importance and investment, and understandably so. But the lack of prioritization leads to chronic under-investing. By the time nonprofits try to catch up, they are too far behind; a simple technology upgrade becomes cost-prohibitive.

Tech Impact seeks donations and philanthropic partnerships to bring the cost of technology down and, in some cases (with support from Foundations and Corporations), solutions are provided for free. In the nonprofit world, this is no small thing. Donated dollars for technology are rare and out of reach for most organizations.

When purchases are required, Tech Impact works directly with manufacturers for donations and discounts. We leverage the buying power of the entire community we serve.

Best of all, our solutions never need updating. We ensure that the nonprofits we work with always have the latest and best solution for them, all at no extra cost. This way no nonprofit is left behind.

When it comes to nonprofit technology, we’re the good guys and gals for the good guys and gals.

Our History
In 2003, a small group of funders including The Lincoln Financial Foundation, The William Penn Foundation, and Rohm and Haas Company provided a $500,000 match to Microsoft Corp in order to start a capacity-building organization that could provide hands-on technology help to Philadelphia nonprofits. That nonprofit went on to great success serving 600 organizations in the greater Philadelphia region.

But by 2010 it had become clear that nonprofit organizations were evolving almost as quickly as the technology that was supporting them. Tech Impact’s leadership decided that such a shift required a new, stronger, and more agile organization.

Tech Impact was begun in 2011, leveraging the resources and relationships of the organization that preceded it, NPower PA. So even though Tech Impact is a new nonprofit, we have over a decade of experience working with nonprofits around the globe.

npCloud was made possible by the visionary support of the JPMorgan Chase Foundation.

Our Goals
The primary goal of Tech Impact’s npCloud service is to ensure that no critical nonprofit service is made unavailable to the people who need it most because of the failure of an organization’s technology. For us, the people who need nonprofits most are community members like you.

Think of disaster relief without the Red Cross, daycare without the YMCA, education without private schools, health care without clinics, homelessness without shelters, the arts without theaters. Nonprofits are all around us and touch every one of us. Our communities rely on them.

We help make sure those nonprofits can keep doing their important work, whatever disaster may befall them. We help make sure they are there for you when you need them.

We also set a goal to ensure our solutions are enterprise-class, extremely affordable (to the point where cost is not a barrier), and accessible by a wide variety of charitable organizations. In short, we ensure that nonprofit organizations everywhere are enabled by technology rather than constrained by it.

Finally, we have a commitment to education. We educate the leadership of nonprofit organizations, so that they can make strategic technology decisions and can communicate those decisions to their constituents, board, donors, and volunteers.

Our Fees
The amount of organizations we serve, and the unique philanthropic relationships we develop with corporations, allows us to solicit donations of software and products. It also allows us to get group-purchase discounts, negotiate the best deals, and give nonprofits better pricing than is commercially available. We pass the savings on.

A recent study of our work indicates that our pricing is 40% better than commercial alternatives.

What is the Cloud?
For many nonprofit organizations, “the cloud” can take the place of everything in their server closet. That expensive server, all of the maintenance that goes along with it, and the data stored on it, can be hosted in npCloud’s data center (our cloud).

It’s all right there for them, just as if it was in the closet down the hall, but now it’s:

  • Protected against catastrophe – they don’t have to worry about their sprinklers going off.
  • More accessible – everyone in their organization, no matter where they are in the world, gets the same experience and access.
  • And it is saving them money – their hardware is never out of date and never needs to be fixed.

If something goes wrong with a server in our cloud, we simply move the organization to a new one in the blink of an eye. They never even know anything happened. And if a nonprofit needs help, we’re only a phone call away.

How We Developed Our Solutions
Prior to npCloud’s launch, we at Tech Impact conducted a study of the technology challenges of current JPMorgan Chase grantees. The study uncovered 85 distinct problem sets encountered by these nonprofits in regards to their use of technology.

We kept hearing the same things over and over again:

  • “How can we afford bulletproof data backup? We’re a nonprofit. “ npVault was developed to meet this need head-on. Now all nonprofits can afford redundant off-site backups.
  • “We don’t have the money for a new server”. npBase was developed to make servers and desktops affordable to nonprofits. We can offer organizations a fully capable server for a small monthly fee rather than the $10,000 in hardware and installation (plus a monthly maintenance contract) for a typical server.
  • “We need new desktops, but can’t afford them.” That’s just fine. Our npBase desktop solution takes all of the burden off a nonprofit’s current PC’s and puts it in our cloud. Organizations can now use thin clients or donated machines (both very affordable options) and still have the same experience they would have with a new PC.

We knew that the only way nonprofits could get where they needed to be with technology was to develop solutions that weren’t just affordable; they would have to be more affordable than a for-profit company would ever be capable of making them.

And because we believe strongly that nonprofits shouldn’t have to re-purpose consumer-class solutions just because they cannot afford enterprise-class solutions, we utilize only the best hardware and software from companies like IBM, Cisco, EMC2, VMWare, BroadSoft, and Microsoft. These solutions are normally well out of reach for nonprofit organizations because of their cost. npCloud puts them well within reach.

npCloud provides cloud-based technology products and services to nonprofits.
npCloud is a service of Tech Impact, a nonprofit whose mission is to ensure all nonprofits can use technology to better serve their communities.
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npCloud is a service of Tech Impact
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