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I just returned from NTC in San Francisco. Seafood chowder, cable cars, and Irish coffee aside, it was a fantastic experience in a terrific city. I am always blown away with the number of technology folks gathered at this event, particularly because most of the attendees are focused on one thing that comes in many forms; improving our society. Technology is an essential part of any business and social business is no exception. Some of the learning sessions organized by NTEN included strategies on social media, infrastructure, and data management. Not particularly sexy on the surface, but these technologies are being used to make our world a better place.

I had the opportunity to talk with numerous change leaders during my time at the NTC Science Fair and during some of the networking events. One thing was clear in my conversations, the strong need and fast adoption for cloud based solutions. Social organizations are becoming more and more dynamic. These organizations employ folks that work from the field, work from their homes, work across time zones, and work across the globe. They want technology to be accessible from anywhere at any time. They want technology to “just work”. They do not want to have to think about their servers, upgrades, and backup solutions. They just want those things to be operational and in the background. After all, they have important duties to attend to like feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, and treating the ill.

While donor management solutions were omnipresent at the Science Fair, npCloud was a standout in the crowd of technology solutions for social organizations. Our focus is different. We are the layer of stability and security that allows nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations to get their work done. It was nice to spend time with organizations like TechSoup and Microsoft, who are helping make npCloud solutions available and affordable. I applaud NTEN and the attendees of the conference for taking the time and effort to gather this group year after year and discuss what we can do with technology to make the world a better place. It is reassuring to know that we are part of this movement and doing our part.

Pat Callihan

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